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Thursday, December 16, 2004
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Hey girls!

I agree I think all of Nat's ideas are good...and I'll try to brainstorm too. I'm so excited to see everyone again! Love you and miss you!


Monday, December 06, 2004
Hey girls......i think all of nat's ideas are good for the shirts....i'm just still confused on what the back should say....but i'll brainstorm a little more this week so we can get these things done soon!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Hey girls!

Okay so we are back on the blog! I had a great time with you girls over break. I know we didn't do much but it was great just being together. Well as we got to talking we decided that we really wanted to make these shirts. So I was trying to figure out what these shirts should look like.... For the front we are all agreed on Fab 5 Forever right??? The blog won't let me put the different kinds of fonts but i guess we need to pick the way we want it written. So here are our three choices.
1. Fab5Forever
2. Fab 5 Forever
3. Fab
We have also decided to try for hot pink with black writting, right? Any problems let me know. Now we really only have to figure out the back of the shirts. Rach is the only one who is done and we were gonna put Bling on the top and 7 as her "number". By the way, don't go and tell everyone what our numbers mean. haha k? Alright now we need to figure out everyone elses names. I think everyone should give 2 suggestions for everyone else besides Rach cuz shes done. And then we'll pick from there.... is that okay??? Here is what we already have so no one can use these as a nickname.
Marie- Mer, Drunk Dial, G, PA
Stef anie- Stef, Lizard, Giggles, Virgin, Juice
Kelsey- Kels, Prudie, K-train, Shnop
Natalie- Nat, Nowie, Natty, Yaggi, DC

Also do we wanna put any inside jokes on our shirts? Maybe one that you can only read if we are all wearing our shirts.... like on a sleeve or something?
Examples: FAB5F.... O*D*B.... T*D*C.... i dunno i need some help on that one!!!!haha

Also I wanted to know what we decided would be our money limit for secret santa... i forget... anyone remember?

Okay i hope to hear from u all ... love u!!!!!

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